Grimm Buildings offers precast septic system tanks


Concrete….one of the oldest and most versatile building materials in the world. This enduring material was used to build the Coliseum in Rome, Italy over 2000 years ago, and is still standing today. What better way to solve your drainage problems than with a preformed, precast concrete structure. Whether it be to solve an unwanted water issue in your private yard or a large commercial project, Grimm Building Materials has the solution for your needs.

Grimm Buildings offers precast septic system tanks

Septic Systems

Our concrete septic tanks come in a variety of sizes to meet your individual needs. From 750 gallon to 4000 gallon, all of our tanks are of unmatched quality and built for a lifetime of service. All of our tanks are one piece, seamless, and are manufactured in both residential non-traffic and commercial traffic (H20) styles. We also supply all products associated with septic systems including pipe, pipe fittings, distribution boxes, effluent filters, and any other materials needed to install your new system.

Septic Tanks

Grimm Building manufactures precast drainage manholes

Drainage and Sanitary Manholes

Grimm Building Materials manufactures a wide variety of drainage and sanitary structures. Our estimating staff has numerous years of experience to ensure all of your needs are provided for. Do you need custom designed construction products, we can do that too! With our state-of-the-art coring machine, we can make sure that any and all pipe penetrations are right where you need them for a more simplistic installation. From small backyard solutions to large commercial projects, we are more than able to assist you in your precast concrete needs.

Distribution Boxes

Catch Basins


Specialty Pieces

Do you have a situation where a concrete structure is needed but do not have the means to build it yourself? We can help. With versatile forms, we can fabricate many different non-standard items to fit your needs. From large vaults to small generator pads, we have many different methods at our disposal to produce whatever your needs require. We’ll produce CADD drawings of your item to ensure that what we build is exactly what you are looking for. All this at a very competitive price.


Parking Lot Bumpers

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