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Installing an Anchor Windsor Stone Retaining Wall

To complete your Anchor Windsor Stone project, you will need the following hand tools: shovel, tape measure, hammer, chisel, carpenter's level, stakes, string line, safety glasses, gloves, pencil, square. You may also need a compactor and a circular cut-off saw with a masonry blade.

  1. Begin your project by staking out the wall you are making. For curved sections, use a garden hose to lay out the wall line. Dig a trench along this line. If you are going to use one, two or three courses of block, make the trench about 2" deep and about 18" wide. If you are going to use four courses of block, make the trench about 4" deep and about 18' wide. Firmly compact the soil in the bottom of the trench.
  2. Position the Anchor Windsor Stone units side by side on the prepared base and level in both directions using your carpenter's level. Continue assembling additional courses by placing units in a staggered relationship to the course beneath (running bond), pulling each unit forward until the rear lip is securely in contact with the units below.
  3. Backfill each course with soil as it is laid. As a general rule, the backfill soil zone should extend as far behind the wall as the well is high. (One foot back for a one foot high wall). Compact this soil backfill zone. Organic soil or clay type soil is not recommended for backfill material.
  4. You may need partial blocks. To split a block, use a hammer and chisel to score the block on all sides. Pound the chisel on the score line until the block splits. If the block does not split easily, you may need to use a circular cut-off saw with a masonry blade. Read and understand the operating manual before using a saw. Always wear eye protection when splitting blocks.