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We at Grimm Building Materials have always had the customer's needs first and foremost in our thoughts. Because of customer input and requests for a wider variety of bulk materials, we have increased the number of bulk storage areas from three to nine, thus allowing us to carry many other products, from decorative stone to top soil.

In the past, we have always stocked items like mason's sand, crusher run and #2 stone, but we have added items like Crushed Red Slate, River Rock, and Concrete Sand. All this so that, we at, Grimm Building Materials can be your "one stop" shopping center for all of your building materials and supplies.

Following is a list of all of our stock bulk materials. Click on the links to visit pages with photos of the products as well as descriptions and general uses for the product.

- #1 Round (Peastone)
- Top Soil
- Stonedust

In addition to all of these new products, we have also invested in a new 5 cubic yard capacity dump truck capable of delivering your bulk product needs directly to your job site. We also have the intentions of adding and even larger capacity dump truck in the very near future. With these additions, it not only increases the amount of material that we can deliver at one time but also will allow very reasonble delivery times for this product to reach your job site.

Check out our new truck below.